Why TALAN safety shoes?

  • TALAN meet international standards and requirements for safety footwear.We are tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland, leader in inspection and safety certification in the world.
  • TALAN use breathable materials, such asGORE-TEX® membranes.Optimum heat conductivity and excellent moisture management is guaranteed. Long hours of comfortable work in safety shoes.
  • TALAN safety shoes use only certified toe cup has the ultimate aim of protecting your toe area from accidental impact, crushing or stubbing. Our toe cup meets impactof 200 J, compression resistanceup to 1500 kg.
  • TALAN use high quality genuine leather with 2,0 -2,2 mm thickness. Its toughest and most comfortable natural material,light, strong, supple and most importantly, it breathes.
  • TALAN always looking after quality control and about protection of your feets. Impact resistance, comfort, safety and practicality are the features required for any type of safety footwear, and the choice of the right plate is paramount importance. All our metal plate or kevlar plate meet standard EN 345-1 so you feets will be in safe in our shoes.
  • TALAN shoes meet ISO 20344:2011 safety standard of personal protective equipment. For example, according to this standard, water penetration is expressed as the mass increase of the absorbent cloth after 60 min. We use technology and science to ensure you comfort and long life of your footwear.
Other brands
  • Have other companies been tested and certified by national standards organizations? Can you trust their safety in special work environments?
  • Other brands use unknown materials, that prevent breathing and climate control for the feets. Work might be postponed due to tiredness because of uncomfortable or unsafe shoes.
  • Does other brands have certified toe cup that can protect your toesfrom bumping or dangerous impactin environment that require to wear safety shoes?Are you ready to facing animpact up to 200 J?
  • Other manufacturers may use synthetic materials or leather with 1,4 – 1,6 mm thickness, which visibly looks like proper one but because ofnon breathable synthetic materials under leather can coz bed smell inside shoe and decrease the life therm of it.
  • Other brands who don’t test resistance and don’t meet standards can pose a danger to feets and general health by using less thickness plate in their shoes. Can you be sure in the level of protection they provide to you while you are working in special environment?
  • Our competitors who don’t meet ISO 20344:2011 standard have much lower water penetration level and can’t ensure you that they can protect you from all harsh working conditions. Life cycle of such shoes are shorter than Talan ones and the danger of using their goods are much higher then short-term benefit from the price.