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Every construction worker, warehouse employee, chilling factory worker needs safety shoes that guarantee full protection. Talan understands that, and that’s why we produce the all out duty collection work shoes – reliable, comfortable, water repellent and stylish.
With TALAN safety shoes, – you can be truly protected during any mission you must accomplish.  TALAN shoes can withstand hardest job in the toughest environments,, like working with concrete or constructing wood house.

Our work boots for men and women have a number of benefits. Selecting Talan, you get work shoes that are:

Protective footwear for construction workers, our steel cap to guarantee proper finger protection. For many on the construction site, our steel toe rigger boots are an attractive option because they’re a slip-on safety boot between a lace-up and a wellington.

Model: 182 Black can become an appealing choice for those who are looking for high top protective footwear. Chaussures de protection.
Every model of our men’s work shoes protects from heavy pressure – 200 Joule impact protection. Also, a sudden and unexpected impact underneath is not a problem with Talan as our safety shoes have steel midsole that guarantees 0% penetration as per CSA, EN and ANSI standard. All these characteristics meet expectation for ideal carpenter shoes, builder safety footwear or other professionals who has a risk to step on a nail or something sharp. Even having a steel toe cap and midsole our work shoes are light, breathable and truly convenient. Talan knows how to make each pair of shoes both well protected and comfortable.

We produce work safety footwear in a compliance with the EN345, CSA and ANSI standards, –  that means that we provide workers with absolute protection. Our safety shoes for construction undergo a series of testing to make sure all the requirements are met. You are free to choose a model with S1P or S3 safety level. Everything depends on your needs and requirements.

Talan safety footwear / shoes are the right choice for every worker that care about safety as per European standards. We do provide Certificate from TUVRheinland Germany that shoes are made as per EN20345:2011 standards.

When purchasing protective footwear always check shoe label, because specification might vary by country, region or specification at your place. Please, send your inquiry with specific indication of your work requirement so we can suggest best option for you. Send your inquiry to: sales@talanshoes.com

iWork protective footwear series – the right choice for everyone who cares about safety.

@TALAN Protective footwear / TALAN Chaussures de protection.  Complete your mission.

Model: 162 Black
Art: SE/2M0162
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Model: 112 Black
Art: SE/2M0112
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Model: 164 Black
Art: SE/2M0164
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P
Model: 182 Black
Art: SE/2M0182
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Model: 212 Black